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Hemlock Kitty Kennel

A luxury country retreat for kitty

Welcome to Hemlock Kitty Kennel

Nova Scotia Cat Boarding

Quality cat boarding in Nova Scotia

Cat boarding for short and long vacations

We can handle longer boarding  periods. It gives us a chance to really get to know your pet.

 Our cat boarding kennel is located on a beautiful country property 10 minutes south of Truro and 30 minutes north of the Halifax Airport.


Each suite has a Lounging Ledge and a Purfect Scratching Post. The suites (approximately 8 feet total floor length and 4 feet deep) are actually 2 rooms side by side with a cat size archway between the rooms. A cat size window opens to a secure and private balcony that is approximately 8 feet long.  The accommodations  are beautiful and spacious. There is also a play area with many scratching posts. To accommodate 3 or more cats from the same home we have a 'condo' with 2 balconies and 2 windows.
The kennel building is equipped for constant comfort year round with an air exchanger for fresh air, air conditioning and in-floor radiant heat.

Feeding Feline Vacationers

The kennel provides dry cat food. If you prefer, you can bring your cat's special dry food.


Your may bring a favorite blanket, resting pillow or towel for the lounging ledge.


Cats need to be healthy to stay at Hemlock Kitty Kennel. 

Felines need to have their core vaccines up to date : FVRCP.

Felines that go outside need to have Feline Leukemia up to date in addition to the core vaccines FVRCP.

Felines need to be on a Flea Prevention Program. If not currently on a program an application needs to be applied 24 hours before arrival at our kennel. Flea prevention is available at your Veterinary Hospital.

Email your up to date veterinary 'Certificate of Vaccination'  or have the veterinarian office to e-mail it to .

Males must be neutered.

Please transport your cat in a pet carrier between your vehicle and the kennel.


Inquire for daily and long term rates.
Second cat from same home stays for 1/2 rate.      

We accept cash, debit, E-transfer,  MasterCard / Visa / American Express and Discover.


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cat boarding kennel cat boarding kennel cat boarding kennel

Arrival & Departure Hours

Please prearrange your feline arrival and departure times.

If you would like to view the accommodations before deciding to board your cat with us, give us a call or send an email.


Bookings can be arranged by phone or email. Please contact the kennel if you need to cancel or change a booking.

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 Phone/Text Norm: 902-986-2121